Who we are

Take a moment to observe and listen to Mother Nature and she will give you all the answers.



The generous spirit of Nature not only nurtures all forms of life, but also is ever ready to guide, teach and embrace those
willing to tune in to her ways. Nature teaches by example. It is beautiful and wise. It is infinitely generous and giving. It is soothing and nurturing. It is selfless and offers unconditional Love to all.




The closer we are to nature, the more we are in tune with our internal and basic truth.


Middle East Wood is proud to contribute in preserving the timeless bond between man and nature by bringing the soothing elements
of nature into people’s living and working environment in a responsible manner. We build sustainability into everything we do and collaborate as partners with our customers to ensure their success. Because we know that our success can only be achieved through our customers’ success.. Middle East Wood will keep delivering the highest values to its customers, suppliers and employees as the premier wood and veneer supplier in the region.