What we Do

Dedicated Sales

Our knowledgable sales team are always available to assist you with your wood and veneer selections and will diligently follow-up on
your order to ensure proper delivery is made on time. You can rely on them to be your extended partners who will do their best to make your
project succeed.

Our clients can benefit from our extensive database of shipping companies all over the world. We guarantee accurate order collection,
shipment, diligent follow-up and delivery by land, air or sea. Our friendly staff will assist you and make sure they meet your budget, time
limit, means of transportation and destination. Actual shipping time will vary depending on source and destination. Our various solutions for
shipping material to you include:


1- Land: container load or truck.

* Delivery time depends on the distance travelled.


2- Sea: container load

* Delivery time range: 20 days to 2 months


3- Air: cargo shipping.

* Delivery time range: 1 week to 10days.


For cheaper shipping cost, smaller quantities can be sent through LCL “Less than
container Load”, whereby several material from various suppliers are placed into a single container heading to
a common destination. Whatever you choose, we will do our best to make sure our product reaches its final
destination on time.



Our dedicated customer service team has one goal “to make your job easier”. For any assistance or
enquiries, please call our customer service representative on T: +971 4 347 6092 - M: + 971 50 552 0439
or email us at info@middleeastwood.com