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Reconstituted veneers are a real evolution from natural wood veneers. It is a man-made product manufactured by using rotary peeled veneers, that can be dyed to obtain consistent colors. Next it is glued and lined up to a mold  to form a block, which is then cured to form a grain pattern. The result is an engineered hardwood flitch that is uniform and free of defects.


The beauty of this type of veneer is its outstanding color and grain consistency.
Reconstituted wood veneers are defect-free and identical from one sheet to another, making them a great option for mass production and
commercial projects where consistency is crucial. Compared with natural wood veneer, working with reconstituted veneer is easier, relatively cheaper,
requires less manpower and produces lower wastage.

It is much more economical for the production of rare and exotic species. It comes in suitable sizes for pressing. For orders exceeding 2500m,
we can produce any type of grain, pattern and color of your choice.