Our Products

Wood is welcoming, cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and always pleasant. Wooden surfaces generate a feeling of wellness and fill the space with a positive, soothing and profound energy. Wood is unquestionably one of the oldest materials used by man and remains today his most fascinating natural companion.


Middle East Wood has been trading in high-quality hardwood for almost a decade. Our expert buyers select the finest quality timbers from
legal, wellmanaged forest resources around the world and can procure almost any species of timber upon demand. The most popular
species sourced from North America are Red Oak, Walnut, Ash, Maple and Cherry. From European forests, we source quality white Oak,
Beech, Ash, Birch, cherry and many more. The most popular African varieties are Mahogany, Zebrano, Sapele and Wenge.

Our inventory includes the most desirable species in the market, which are readily available at our warehouse in 2 inches thickness.
Some types are also available in 1” or 3”. Most species are 8 foot long or more. They are square-edged and mostly kiln dried. We carry a
few air dried species as well. Our stock includes all grades of wood ranging from top quality to commercial use.






.    It Is Completely Biodegradable
.    It Serves As A Great Insulator
.    It Uses Less Energy To Process Than Metal, Concrete, Or Plastic
.    It Becomes Resilient With Age
.    It Is Recyclable
.    It Is 100% Renewable